The Star II seats 150 passengers and crew of 3 – one captain and one crew for cruises with 54 or less passengers and one captain and two crew for cruises over 55 passengers. She weighs in at 51 gross tons, 41 net tons, length 64 feet + 11 feet of paddlewheel for an overall length of 80 feet; she has a 21 foot beam, and draws about 3 feet of water. Her enclosed lower deck seats 70 passengers, and has banquet style tables seating 6’s and 8’s, and cloth, padded chairs for seating. The upper deck seats 80 passengers, and has a partial canopy over the 2/3 of the deck. The seating on the upper deck is patio type furniture and table seating of 4 and 6. On the lower deck you will find two spacious restrooms. The men’s restroom also serves and a unisex handicap restroom.

Both Star’s are authentic sternwheeler paddleboats. The cruise begins at our dock at 716 Water Street, where you’ll travel upwards on the Kalamazoo River into Lake Kalamazoo (how far we go into the lake depends on water levels) where you’ll see the picturesque town of Saugatuck by water, back down the river, where you’ll see boats of all shapes and sizes, cottages to million dollars homes, the natural beauty of the area, untouched by development, and entering majestic Lake Michigan, (we enter Lake Michigan with permitting conditions), and then returning back to our dock. Trips take approximately 1¼ to 1½ hours, and there is a live narration which points out local landmarks, points of interest, as well as some history and local lore of the area.